SNK Socks and Earrings

Continuing my affinity for useful items in fandom…

My new friend FriedCheeseMogu (Cheese for short) has these adorable character socks from Shingeki no Kyojin. I had seen similar socks with j and k-pop entertainers on them at cons so I assumed they got them from there. Come to find out they are from Hot Topic.

HT and what I like aligns like once every 7 years in some kinda weird ritual of consumerism and fandom. Last time I saw anything SNK related there it was like a belt and a t shirt. Prompted by Cheese I looked again and they have about 150 items now. Some of them being rather cool.

There was a sale on last week so I ordered socks and earrings. I fully expected to get 5 mix and match stocks but it was 5 pairs. The earrings were only $7 and I love keys plus I gave myself the excuse that the roses would be nice for work. Peter came up with the ingenious idea to use the garrison earrings as rank on my costume. I might actually do that. But I’m totally wearing them too. All of them are tiny and cute and not obvious. I love me some non-obvious fandom.


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