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I like writing reviews for things I really like so that other people can find it an enjoy it too. I recently wrote a quick review on Amazon for a Christmas gift Peter got me and I figure why waste the pics?

When I get fandom stuff I like it to be a little understated. I don’t want a giant logo that just smacks you across the face. This fits the bill nicely as it does say Attack on Titan fairly big but it’s black on very dark grey that blends in. The canvas and faux leather have a nice rough and tumble look in a military style which befits the look of the show.

It’s a nice bag, well made. No shoddy stitching and there are lots of pockets inside. Even the strap has a nice strip of the same faux leather as as accent.
The bare pocket is a nice place for your own personalization with buttons or a patch. The cute Jean and Marco buttons seen here are by Enjouji. Funny enough, she actually owns the same purse too.

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You can get one HERE and there is even a large messenger bag size HERE

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