Gift Exchange

Fandom friends are nice.

A while back I thought it would be fun to make a little care package for French Jean (a fellow SnK fan.) I mean who doesn’t want to get random fun stuff from another country right? Right!

Wendy likes blue best so I stuck to blue for most things. I had just learned how to finger knit so I made an ice blue scarf, packed my favorite powder, and embroidered a handkerchief and made some patches because she cosplays Jean a lot. Look at her wearing the scarf. It’s so pretty on her!



A couple weeks ago she sent a package back!
I got some hilarious & cute drawings that are stickers, delicious smelling lotion and shower gel, and a candy that is native to her hometown. (there were way more candies in the bag, I ate them)


Boys being boys….sorta. Work those heels Jean


Cool treats from France


Yumikuri Princess and Toad


Precious Marco!

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