ACEN 2015

I had been feeling the itch to travel to a con & I hadn’t really decided on where until a bunch of chat peoples decided to hit up ACEN. It was a good choice logistically as it’s big, far away from my typical crowd, and far from its first year so it would be organized well.

Also in the group were several talented artists, a Canadian,  and an Australian. It was going to be quite the assembly. Several of us bought gifts as it would be the first time most of us met.


Most of the stash. Yes that is a cel from Utena.

Sarah bought bags of make up from her job. I got a lipgloss with my name, matte cream, eyeliner, skin peel, & perfume.
Bel bought us koala plushies, photos, shot glasses, and snacks from Australia.
Laurel bought canadian snacks like all dressed and ketchup chips.
Michelle gave us buttons and stickers with her cute art.

Now on with the pics. There will be some delicious Chicago pizza in there first because I think it’s against the law not to have it while in Chicago or something. So.much.cheese.

5/14/15 – Thursday


5/15/15 – Friday (with some of the Sailor Moon photoshoot)

5/16/15 – Saturday (with the Avatar and Shingeki No Kyojin photoshoots)

5/17/15 – Sunday


My camera finally ate all its power at the end of Sunday so those last few pics are cell phone shots.

The usual rules on photos. If you see yourself, take it. It’s yours to use. Credit would be nice.

All pictures are edited and left in a large state. Feel free to edit them further. Never underestimate the power of the crop tool.  If you want the HUGE version contact me in the about section up top.

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