Floral Arrange?

It’s weird when people ask you for things that you consider out of your wheelhouse. I shy away from it when I probably shouldn’t. It is a chance to grow and acquire a skill. I’m just stubborn enough to think that if I didn’t seek out the skill myself then I probably don’t want to learn it.

In this case I was asked to make some floral arrangements for a meeting. They already had the vases and a color scheme in mind. Thankfully I know the barest bones about live floral cutting like the names of the flowers I want, the foam, cutting at angles, and how to fill a clear vase for viewing.

I’m not particularly happy with them. The first small one is meh, but the second one is passable for decent.

Well, I’ve learned that if pressed I could be a last minute florist.  Not sure if that skill will ever come in handy but you never know. Life is funny like that.

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