Baby Foot – gross but really cool

So a while back I heard of a product that would essentially have your foot just lose dead layers of skin leaving behind much softer feet.  After soaking and scrubbing my feet for hours to only have tiny bits come off I wanted to give this stuff a try.

Pretty simple stuff. You put on the plastic booties and leave them be for an hour to an hour and a half.  Then nothing happens for like 3 or 4 days. Then BOOM as you are in the shower skin just starts puffing up and coming off.

It’s gross and awesome.

Some tips:

  • Soak them for the full time it says to plus 30 extra minutes
  • After 2-3 days soak for feet for a little while (shower is enough)
  • Soak them everyday after to help the skin come off super easy
  • Don’t moisturize. That will keep the dead skin on longer
  • The bottom will peel first and then the top.

Now look away if you hate feet or skin or anything like this cause I took pics.
Fake leprosy here we go!





Here it is…..

Big pieces came off after 4 days. It was mostly done on the bottom after 7 days then the top started and that took 2 days and it was done.  I have much softer feet now! They also look way less dry and ashy due to all that dead skin being gone.  When the weather warms up I’ll do it again for sandal ready feet.

Totally recommended.

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