DragonCon Swag 2014 – SnK Garrison

I don’t purchase much convention swag anymore. Back when I did stuff was rare and you needed to get it RIGHT NOW cause you were not likely to see it again. Now with the advent of tutorials, the internet, etsy, and ebay you can find what you want anytime you want it.

With that said I only buy things that really tickle my fancy. It has to be one of a few things for me to buy it on the convention floor.

  1. I have to be SUPER into it
  2. It has high nostalgia factor
  3. It is nicely functional

This year must be Shingeki No Kyojin year cause that’s all I felt like getting. These items fulfilled the ‘super into it & nicely functional’ quota

First up is the pint glass. I didn’t want a shot glass cause I’m not into that. But something I can use for soda and everything else? Yup.  _MG_0699


It’s displayed with appropriately red cranberry juice and with a couple of items I made. (Garrison fabric & Trost U patch) which you can see at their links. You can actually buy the fabric I designed.

Next up is the small keychain with all of the military factions on it. It stays attached to the purse from taobao. It’s already helped me identify myself to a couple of fellow fans out in real life.

Lastly is the patch I bought just cause. Patch is going to go on a shirt. More on that later.

So yeah not that swaggy of a year. I’m clearly reppin’ for the least appreciated SnK faction though.

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