DragonCon 2014 – report and pics

This year was much better. I managed to fix every problem I had last year. I had a new phone that kept me connected, I wore Zoe again and people were like they had never seen it before, I gave no f^#&s about who I hung out with, and I got to talk for hours to some lovely people about constructing costumes.


Also THIS happened:


That’s right. Grant Imahara thinks my Zoe costume is great. Now, I’m not excited about that cause he’s famous, that’s nice of course… but him and his girlfriend Jennifer are very good cosplayers in their own right. So a compliment from him carries some weight as he knows what goes into making something look good.

Also karma is kind. I found a large cell phone in a purple case at the Marriott. I turned it in to lost and found. After the con was over I realized I lost one of my camera batteries. I inquired about it and someone had turned it in. It was mailed back to me within a couple days.

3DS stats:

  • 222 street passes
  • 7 new regions
  • 6 puzzles completed
  • 1000th streetpass

Now for pictures. Ugh, I am SO not impressed with my camera work this year. It was my first time using the Canon in a place of wall to wall people and boy… I do not know what I was thinking. I’m going to go and look at my EXIF data so I never take such meh again.
On the other hand since hardly any of them are salvageable it means I don’t feel all that guilty not doing anything with them in photoshop 😀 But you can fix them yourself!
I promise the stuff in the next couple of photoshoots I have coming up make up for some of it.  332 pics

8/29/14 – Friday

8/30/14 – Saturday

8/31/14 – Sunday

9/1/14 – Monday

As always, if you see yourself take it. It’s all yours. Credit back to the site would be nice though. Feel free to edit them as you wish. It’s amazing what a little crop and contrast can do. If you want the HUGE version contact me.

If you see one you want taken down just ask.  Click on the about page and you can contact me from there.

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