Gundam Wing Memorabilia

So last night we had a huge nostalgia bomb of a chat. The topic moved to Gundam Wing, Escaflowne, MySpace, mailing lists, midis, waiting 4 hours for a 30 second clip to download….we even had a simulcast of the Escaflowne movie.

I brought up that I have actual Gundam paper (cell) dolls. I have a fair bit of old school fandom because stuff was rare then and expensive. So you saved up and bought it when you found something special. I took some quick pictures to show the chat and I though it would be fun to make a little post about it too.


It’s funny how even the package is unsure about the “Folk Costume?”

They were made by Movic in 1995, a couple years before I got into anime. I think I bought these in 2000 or so at A-kon for probably $25-40 bucks.
They are fairly rare as far as I can tell. I don’t see them posted in more than one place.

Because it’s Gundam W I’ll show the one other thing I have from the show. In the late 90s early 2000s finding anime items in the toy section was like finding gold in them hills. You looked and 9 times out of 10 you’d see nothing. I repeatedly went by the Sky Dancer section in most toy stores because things were in alphabetical order and that meant if they had any Sailor Moon it’d be next to the Sky Dancers.

At some point the Target near my home inexplicably had a couple of anime items. One of them was this figurine set. I of course bought it. If you know me you know how out of character that was for even young me. I usually hem and haw over something for a while before I get it. But hey, things were rare, chances were you’d never see it again.



I have to say the level of detail is pretty nice for little figures. Relena and Zechs have some excellent coat detail and all of them have nice paint jobs on the hair with various shades and highlights used. Some of them are even articulated in a couple places.

These sit on a shelf for old fun things in my sewing room. Having a sudden nostalgia night was a welcomed reason to dust them off and take a look at the box after all this time.


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