Maker Faire Atlanta 2014

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Maker Faire is an assembly of people who create and let me tell you straight out it makes me smile and hope springs anew. It’s quite easy to be a pessimist now…about youth, money, race issues, morality…but at maker faire I saw parents walking with their kids, kids figuring out complicated puzzles on their own, older people talking with recent graduates, innovation, proper regard for the past, everyone mixing for the sake of intelligence.

It was really nice to see.

My sweetie is a huge proponent of virtual reality and has been for over a decade. So they asked him to have a booth at the maker faire to show off what the Oculus Rift was capable of. I was tagging along as help and I am glad I did. People were really pleased & surprised at the things VR can do now. Now there are hundreds more out there that have been exposed to it & they know that it has now caught up to how it was portrayed in movies 20 years ago. Already kids are looking forward to their first games and adults are noting the visuals are so immersive that they can see job training taking place with it and going to international meetings and virtually attending their favorite sports games.



We each took some time to go see the faire and it was really something. Saw MakerBots at every 4th or 5th booth most of them making something. There were blacksmiths, bikes made out of lazyboys, intricate woodworking that moved, electric motorcycles, tiny car races, old data cards, build your own racers, fabric looms, remote control everything. So much to see, touch, and experience here.


If you want to walk around with the wonder of a child at the things people create, or if you want to expand the world of your child this is the place to be. It’s totally free and I highly recommend it.

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