Seishuncon 2014

Scooted over to Seishun on Saturday night.

Hmm what can I say here. It was nice being able to walk around unfettered.

The con itself though…took a few steps back in terms some important things.  I’ve worked at that hotel for my job before and I had a feeling the layout was not any good for an anime con.

I’m not sure what happened to make them downgrade from such pretty hotels the previous years. What they ended up with was dingy and ill suited to what a con is supposed to offer. I also saw little to no engaging programming for the 4 hours I poked around looking for things to take pictures of. There were maybe 100-150 people milling around which sounds terribly low for a Saturday night.

Parking was also questionable. Anytime you have to pay to park when attending an anime con it’s not the best sign.
Here’s hoping they improve next year. I’ll be looking at what hotel they book before I decide if it’s worth a go.

Did meet a couple nice people, talked costume making which is always fun.


As always, if you’re in the picture please take it, it’s yours. Credit back would be nice.

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