Paramore and Fallout Boy

So last Saturday I was finishing up a job in a town that was too far away. On Star94 they said to text them for a chance at winning some Paramore tickets. Well, heck I can do that. Being the fastest caller is hard as hell but I can text a word.  I got a text back thanking me for entering and they would pick winners on Monday.

Lo and behold I won. Skitted on down to the radio station’s office to pick them up. My guy couldn’t go so I announced on my fb and twitter that I had a free ticket up for grabs. Well a good deal of my friends live out of state. Others couldn’t come for whatever reason. So I had a good 2 hrs of wtf, does anyone in my vicinity like me?  In walks Joy, a friend from AZA. We went to her wedding back in Feb. She was all about snapping up that ticket and in the process making me feel better.

Enough of the emotional wanking. This story is about to get AWESOME.

So we get there and my ticket is for the lawn area which is pretty far back but still affords some nice enough visuals and good sound. Paramore performed really well and we had a good time talking about them and other stuff.

Paramore finished their set and the sun had just faded out.  We were waiting for Fallout Boy’s set up to finish when a two men and a lady walked up and asked us if we were Fallout Boy fans. Joy answered for us and they gave us their tickets. We were all thankful and stuff and then come to find out they were given to us by HAYLEY WILLIAMS’ MOM (Paramore’s singer) HER FRICKIN MOM!!! (thank you Christie Williams)

We go to where the seats say and it’s right smack in the middle behind the sound booth.  Our new seats are choice!  -and- that isn’t even the end of this tale of cool.

The band comes out and we are having a good time when they change it up and they have a drum off between the lead singer and the cool tatted up drummer. While this is going on the venue is dimmed. You can only see them on stage.

Then….then the lights came back up.

Pete Wentz and the bass guitarist are IN the sound booth standing on a table with guitars in hand. We we less than 15ft away from them rocking out! They played Dance Dance. Look in the pictures. You can see them real close up.

We could not believe our luck. I spent like 10 secs with my hand just over my mouth.

Last night was great.


I took 139 pics. Culled those to the best 80 of the bunch.




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