3D Printed Bracelet

I stumbled upon this neeto thing out of nowhere. I hadn’t heard of it anywhere so I thought I would make a post about it.

Everyone knows about 3D printing right? It’s slowly getting easier to come by with the relatively affordable Maker Bot. So we’re on the way to replicators in the same way the printing press was a revolutionary invention that spread information to the masses and gave voice to far more people.

One day we will be able to print items we need on our personal 3D printers the same way we print documents on our scanner/printers now.

There is a company that lets you do that now called ShapeWays. You can design things, gadgets, jewelry, toys, ect. and they will print them for you. You can get very creative and down right ingenious with designs.

Google paired up with ShapeWays to get girls into coding. One of their projects is a FREE 3D printed bracelet that you design. It’s simple but effective. You can make it say pretty much anything. I made one and it arrived a little after a week!



Go make one!

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