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Last winter I got wind of a type of Chinese ebay where the clothing is different/cute and items are super cheap. I kept an eye on the types of orders people were putting in and I started to get jealous of all the cute stuff they were buying. I figured I would never get to enjoy the site because frankly it’s for Chinese people. They are much smaller than Americans and the girls I saw ordering were like 5’5 and 110 lbs. That is solidly not me. At least not me since I was 11.

Enter Plus Size Taobao. A tumblr that post all the cute things they find in bigger sizes. After seeing the site two things occurred to me:
1. Of course there are plus sized Chinese people. They exist.
2. China makes nearly all American clothing anyways. Of course they have our sizes.

There are also search listings in the Taobao spreadsheet that helps you find plus clothing but the site is huge so searching can be a bit tedious. Seeing a culled list of things people have found is easier.


Anyways onto the the interesting part. The items. I mainly went in because I fell in deep love with these cute little vintage looking purses.

This is my first order:
Had to make a couple adjustments with the Dark Blue jumper and the Sky blue shirt because of what the seller had available but I did ask for the scarf hat in white.

All in all it took maybe 2.5 weeks from placing my order to having it on my doorstep and I am super pleased with nearly all the items.

I am totally in love with both of my purses. They are too cute for words. I have already gotten a compliment on the green one. The shoes are adorable and I am busy breaking them in. The shirts are a little romantic with those pretty arm ruffles and the material is perfect for summer, very airy and light. The hat is going to be wonderful this winter. It’s huge and cuuuute. I have curly hair and it’s not going to give me hat hair cause of the size.
The jumper is the only thing I don’t like all that much. The proportions are very wonky so it fits weird. I am in the middle of modifying it in 8 places so it can at least look decent.

All in all, a successful first order.

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    • Gabi says:

      I used Pruany. Easy to set up but I had just a little issue with learning how to pay after you pay but after I figured that out in like 15 minutes after a tutorial pointed me in the right direction.

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