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So I got to go to the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Health and Beauty show because of work this past Saturday.  Specifically I was at the VIP after party.  Beforehand, I got to see the now empty showroom and it was eye opening. I really wish I had my good camera on hand to show you what I saw.  It was wall to wall posters of girls and women who looked like me. How odd was that? I don’t think about these kinda things much because I’d probably be forever angry. I’d rather just get on with life.
But seeing myself on every product MADE me think about it and it gave me an interesting feeling of topsy turvy. Peter commented later that what I saw is what advertisements would look like if he was the one no one represented.  I have to say, he’s probably right.

Anyways it was a nice party although I think they really needed some food that wasn’t just champagne and tiny desserts. Would have made people more energetic that late at night.

I managed to snag one of the left over sample bags they had and I am really happy I did now.


I tried out the two full size products on the right. I have to say I am impressed. I was a little afraid the co-wash was going to be heavy and slick when I put it in my hair but as it dried my hair really stayed soft and hydrated in a way my usual conditioner only manages to do for a few hours after. It’s a day later and my hair isn’t crunchy or dry.

The shine butter smells nice and not too perfumey like a lot of stuff tends to be. I like the weight of it. It’s light but enough to seal in moisture.

Looking at all these types of products is somewhat intimidating though. There are SO many. Where do you even start, how much do you use, is it working right, what happens when you combine them, will it work on your curl pattern, does your hair like it better when it’s wet or dry?  There are so many combos I really don’t even want to take all the time it would take to figure out what works for me. You can’t even look to what others have used because their diet, curl pattern, genetics, and weather all effect how it works for them specifically.

It’s the only reason I would ever want a stylist, they could figure it out for me.

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