April’s April wedding

April was my college roommate for a year. She was the best roommate because we had a lot in common and we got along really well. She only left because they discontinued her major so off she went to study elsewhere. I missed her. We called each other the best roommate ever for several years after.
We’ve kept in touch sparsely through the years but when she said she was getting married I felt like I needed to attend. I’m really glad I went as another old college friend, Brinson, was attending with his fiancee. Plus get this, Rachelle, a person I knew in MIDDLE SCHOOL was a bridesmaid. I forgot she even knew April. How unexpected. This is the stuff life is made of people, you best not miss it.

It was beautiful spring day in Milledgeville. I had a lovely time and we danced and laughed and remembered old times. Her parents and family actually remembered me which was really nice and oddly comforting. We also met and fed a pair of Donkeys and a herd of goats since the wedding was on a farm. 🙂


Bonus. Near the end of the festivities the DJ played Bohemian Rhapsody.
This is what happened…

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