Headlight Deoxidation

You know how after a few years your car’s headlights get a dull milky yellow patina on them? Ours have been that way for at least 3 years or so and we had plans to fix it but totally forgot.
We recently had the car serviced and when I asked how much it would cost to clean the headlights they gave me a staggering quote of $200+ The other guy at the desk said it would be cheaper if I went online and just replaced them.

A couple days later while buying new wipers at the AutoZone I noticed a 3M headlight kit ($20) that I had seen online back when we were thinking of fixing them. So I got it and got to work.

The instructions were fairly simple. You start with coarse sandpaper and work your way to finer sandpaper and then finish off with a polish.


All in all it took me about 25 mins per headlight. Totally worth it. The beams show through SO much brighter now and the brights shine out far better than before making for a safer drive. If you have cloudy headlights take the time to fix them. It looks better, allows you to see better as well as have people see you better.

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