Interactive Rant

A while ago I started thinking there might be a few too many social media/sharing places to belong to.
I have a coscom acct, facebook, twitter, deviantArt, poupee girl, CURE acct, Instagram and an etsy. All of which I check regularly. I am loathe to also get a tumblr or a pinterest page, or a FB fan page.

Recently I’ve been noticing a trend I don’t like though. Some regular person will start an account and post things. Then when people start replying/asking questions/admiring their post the person says NOTHING. They never reply to a single thing. I find it rude. It just screams “Look at me, LOOK at me, but I am too important to say anything to you once you look”

Social media is just that…social. If you don’t want to be social make a site where you’re not expected to interact.

Don’t be that guy/that girl people. Talk to your commentors. You don’t have to reply to everyone but toss them some of the same attention they are bestowing upon you. If you don’t people will take note and talk to you less which can have you miss out on some valuable info they otherwise would have shared or not mention you to anyone else because you presented yourself as self absorbed.

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