Ohco 2014 Spring

Had a full day out and about already before I hit up what is probably my favorite sale.

It was blessedly calm and quiet because it was a cold rainy Wednesday.  It was nice to be able to look as long as I liked and put down things to be able to come back to them again.


Last fall I didn’t get anything but this time there were a few pretty things that would do great for a Rivendell bedroom and there was a giant swath of beautiful white satin I just couldn’t leave there. Plus they had something I hadn’t seen before…fluff. I bought some of that too.


But first, pictures of some of the things I saw.

This one would be a beautiful Yukata because of the koi design and that blue and white are traditional yukata colors. I almost got it but blue does nothing for me.


A leathery fabic with a distinctive design. One of those fabrics you know you will need one day and of course you won’t be able to find anything like it. 🙂


A beautiful saffron yellow with slightly art deco swirls.


More pleather in a lovely ruddy brown.


This one I ended up getting. There was so much of it. Totally wedding dress material but I plan on dyeing it. More on that in the next post.


A neat looking geometric fabric.


A nice vinyl with a pillow embossed pattern. Would look nice as an accent on boots or a belt.


A lovely little busy vine pattern. I almost got this one.


The muppet section. If you need a buttload of fleecey goodness there you go.


The purple version of that kingly fabric I saw last time


More stately looking fabric. I have to say a renaissance costumer would have a field day in here.


Almost got this one for a fantasy vest I was thinking about doing. Looked a lot like what the pattern picture was using.


Pretty, it was quite heavy and embroidered everywhere.


Beautiful satin stripes. Man this one would make some outstanding Victorian wear.


Vibrant blue pleather in an animal pattern.


Lastly, thread for DAYS. A rug as tall as 3 of me and super cheap glasses. Who even knows why they have glasses.

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