Sailor Moon Gashapon Locket Set

They are HERE! I ordered them in October of last year when they were announced for pre-order. They were released to the public on Jan 31 and finally sent off Feb 6th. It took 18 whole days to reach me (7 of those days were spent sitting in New York)

They arrived in a small unassuming box via Registered SAL and USPS. Once cracked open they are 5 pods wrapped in bubble wrap. There were even a couple little bonuses inside I will talk about at the end.

Time for the unboxing.


Now lets open them!
Each one comes further wrapped in taped plastic with a little booklet showing the others in the set. We’ll go in order of appearance.

変身・ブローチ Henshin Brooch

クリスタル・スター Crystal Star

コズミック・ハート・コンパクト Cosmic Heart Compact

クライシス・ムーン・コンパクト Crisis Moon Compact

ちびムーン・コンパクト Chibi Moon Compact


Each one is a total beauty and I love the small (and what I think is accurate) size. I don’t mind in the least that they don’t light up like the old ones. They each have real mirrors which is something you’d never see stateside. I hardly mind the plain yellow interior because it actually has the correct shapes inside and people out there are already customizing them to look flashy inside too.
When I get the chance I’ll pair them each up with the other items from the season they belong to.


Bonus: funny glasses that look even more ridiculous on me for obvious reasons. Tissues with cute artwork.


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  1. these look good!
    Why does the yellow part pop-up … to store change underneath or something?

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