Ice aplenty

I am so behind in my posts!

Atlanta got another storm this past week only this time the authorities paid attention and closed everything a day ahead. Which at first I thought was a smidge premature, but it allowed everyone a day to get the supplies they would need if they were trapped inside for a few days (which we were)

This time it was a dangerous but picturesque ice storm. First we got sleet followed by a cold rain that froze on every stationary thing outside. Last we got snow around 4 am.
We didn’t get above freezing for a day so the ice stuck around. When the 3rd day arrived and the afternoon temps hit 36 or so there was a giant unfreezing as the ice slid off the trees.


Pine Tree needle sicles TrashBin IMG_6545 Iced over Holly bush IMG_6540 IMG_6533The night snow

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