Informal Class Reunion

Last Saturday I had Peter’s office annual holiday party on the schedule but about a week before that I was suddenly made aware of a gathering of Heritage High students from 1995-2005. I decided to drop by for an hour and then join Peter at his party later.

It was quite a little crush of people. I’d say maybe 100-130 people attended and I think I knew like 6 of them. But it was nice nonetheless to see how people had changed. Funny enough it was the men I had the most trouble identifying. Last time I saw any of them they were much shorter & couldn’t grow facial hair. The ladies looked pretty much the same. Still pretty, still very much like themselves.

I had a nice time for the hour I stayed, although it was super loud in there and hard to talk. Just as well anyways, it was the funny awkward talk you have with people you haven’t seen in 15 yrs. 🙂 Because I knew so few people I didn’t take nearly as many pictures with the new camera as I should have. But I’m happy to know she performs pretty well in low lighting.

Afterwards I scooted out and made it to the other party to discover Peter had won $100 in the raffle. Makes me super glad I sent him on first.


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