Selective Sailor Moon

It’s no secret that Sailor Moon is celebrating its 20 year anniversary. They are capping off this achievement with a new anime that is supposed to be more true to the manga.

In the middle of all this there has been an explosion of new items to purchase. This is a pretty big deal because SM merchandise hasn’t been made in a decade & the good stuff hasn’t been made for even longer. The items made in the 90s are super expensive now and rare. The musicals and the live action show offered some paltry items but nothing of note.  I thought I would be all over these new 20th anniversary items. But I’m not and I can’t pinpoint why.

Edit: After some thought Peter pointed out that I favor in universe items. I don’t want a pointer that looks like a long miniature transformation wand. I want the full size wand. I don’t want bedsheets that say Sailor Moon, I want an official release of the bed sheets we see on her bed.

To be sure, there are some nice things to buy. GE animation has a wealth of affordable items, things I might have bought back when I was 16. Meanwhile, a beautiful new brooch, moon wand, make up, figures, real jewelry all hail from Japan and people are buying them up in droves.

I guess it started with the announcement of the crystal star brooch. I liked it but frankly, I already had one. The make up in it wouldn’t even matter because chances are it’s not suited to my skin tone by a long shot.  After that they announced nail polish which looked like the wands in the show, but sans wand part. Well what’s the point in that? I want their wands as well as their nail polish. Soon after they announced pretty jewelry which I might have gone for but all of it was tiny and in excess of $100 just to buy it, let alone pay for deputy services and shipping.

Finally they announced some gashapon brooches. This looks promising. They are small, accurate, and pretty. Also not a ridiculous sum of money. I pre-ordered the set in October. They also started releasing the figuarts figures and I was going to wait till they announced if they were doing the Outers and Tux too. But I got Moon for Christmas unexpectedly and by all accounts it’s a cool toy and I want the rest. But I will want them even more if they make Pluto.

I’ve always been a picky collector. I didn’t want something if it wasn’t what was in the show or a really nice item. I always hated it when they would make an item and then put the logo of the property all over it therefore negating it looking anything like what the character owns. (looking at you early Harry Potter merchandise) I also like it when the item is useful or does something cool.
But a lot of the new wave of stickers, key chains, pillows, pens, planners, plushies just isn’t anything must have. Well the jewelry is special but not for that price.

  • I really want to see more new art. I think we have gotten 4 new pieces of art out of this whole thing. There really should be a new artbook. Less reuse of the same old art on the bento boxes, file folders, and shirts. Karol Hofman has better art. They should be looking to do some variety like she does.
  • Some Princess Serenity items would be lovely to have. (earrings, bracelet, crown, anything royal really…)
  • Actual character clothing would be nice. Like their in show PJs or something. (Evangelion sold Asuka’s nightie)


I think maybe they are waiting for the new show to really step up the merchandise. Maybe they want the new stuff to match whatever they are planning to do with the show.

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5 Responses to Selective Sailor Moon

  1. i wish they’d step it up and release some jewelry for overseas!

    Like, I wouldn’t mind coughin up for overpriced earrings or ring, its tryin to find a middleman site to do a preorder with, and make it in that first hour before it’s sold out – thats my problem! (that, and the 15 dollar US star-pendant.. u know, small and gold, broke after a few days of wear ;_;)

    Its also funny that the did Inners nailpolish. The orig wands _were_ nailpolish topped! 10bucks says Outers lipstick is next

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