6° in Atlanta

This just says it all.


That is the coldest it has been here in 15 years. That’s -14° C  for you Celsius users.
The windchill makes it feel like -9°F/ -22°C

I went out in it for just a few minutes and it was impressive. Anything that wasn’t covered began to tingle with cold inside a minute. I’m not a fan of the cold but I can appreciate it. I just wish that if it decided to be this cold it should at least snow.

IMG_6325The temp dropped as the sun came up…how does that even happen? 😀

But yeah, this is the south. We don’t do this kinda cold. That’s cold for states like Ohio and New Hampshire to deal with.

Heat is going full blast and it’s still nippy in the house. Everything goes in the dryer before I put it on and bedsheets go in too before I sleep. Though I am wondering why my earmuffs ALWAYS disappear when I need them most.

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