2013 – A look back

Recalling all I have seen and done back even 20 days is a tough one for me. So looking back 365 days is kinda insurmountable.

What prompted this whole reflection is seeing people post collages of all their sewing work this year. I had to do some digging to even recall what was from this year. I thought I made Luka this year, nope that was 2012. I also couldn’t remember what year Garterbelt was made but it wasn’t this year I can tell you that.


Not pictured here: mending several items of clothing like pants, shirts, jackets. Heavily modifying items for the Lucidity show. Items I gave away before I took a picture like embroidered pot holders & hair scarves.

From what I can see though I need to get back to costume making. I thought I had made 3 this year. Nope, I made ONE. Just one. I have long encouraged cosplayers to make more than just costumes. Looks like I took that a little too far this year. For 2014 I’m going to try and get back to costumes. I hope some new characters come along that inspire me. If not, I have a backlog of Tolkien elves, Alphonse Mucha muses, an Egyptian Queen, Setsuna Meiou, and maybe some Sakizo waiting.


Anyways I am thankful for Facebook and Twitter. Although I strive not to over share I try and say what I am up to every couple of days which is a great way to remember where you’ve been. Here are 31 of of my favorite things said from this year.


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