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I’ve had a cosplay.com account since July of 2003. Wow. How can it have been 10 yrs already?

I’m not one to auto join a site. I’ve probably missed out on the hubub that arrives when you start a new account on a fresh site. There is always the surge of new people discovering your work when there isn’t much on a site yet.  That’s nice, but I can’t be bothered to throw up all of my details, customize my home page, upload all my stuff only to have the site collapse in a year. I’m looking at you cosspace.com.
I had my cosspace all tricked out with graphics I made myself, forum posts, groups I belonged to, connections, Q&A, all that. Then poof, all of that was gone.

Then there was a avalanche of cosplayers joining CURE. I thought that sounded fun as CURE had been around a while and wasn’t likely to go anywhere. Plus the opportunity to talk to Japan’s cosplayers sounded nice. So I made a profile there but that’s that. You just throw your stuff up there and you’re done pretty much. The Japanese side has a bit more to customize than the English side.

I made a World Cosplay acct when it started up but there were such issues and errors all over the place I decided to come back later when they had sorted out their code. I’m just now getting back to it and putting a couple things up there. Seems alright.  Nothing much to do there but that seems to be a given since it looks like it’s made by the same folks at CURE.

Having to do all this updating to multiple sites makes me miss my old cosplay page. I used to write html code and I enjoyed the freedom to do anything to your page. WordPress and css are powerful but there seem to be so many restrictions and confusing rules that I can’t make much sense of it.

If you ever wanted to see what cosplay looked like from 1999 to 2002 you can see the archive of my page at http://www.oocities.org/viberaphon/
That is the 4th version archived. The 2nd and 3rd had some fantastic flash that I wish had been preserved too.

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