Cosplayers On Ice 2013

I was about to title this post: Cosplayers On Ice – OMG it’s cold why are we doing this?

This year was cold, wet, and overcast. It was a nice turn out though. I do enjoy seeing holiday/winter takes on characters, it breaks up the same old same old. It’s also nice to hang out with your friends for a couple hours in the middle of town.
I wore older Katara because of the weather with a full turtleneck instead of the shorter one and boy was it needed. My hands got so cold my fingers wouldn’t push the shutter button properly which resulted in blurry pics more often than I would like -_-

I really enjoyed the abundant & cheap price of parking cause we didn’t have to compete with a sports event.



I skipped skating cause I had hurt my ankle the day before. You need strong ankles to keep upright in skates. I don’t think I missed much though. The rink doesn’t seem to have a real zamboni. The ice was so cut up it didn’t look like skating would have been easy to navigate.
Seeing the Ouran Host club skate around was rather cute though.

The usual rules on photos. If you see yourself, take it. It’s yours to use. Credit would be nice.
All pictures are edited and left in a large state. (there is a link to full size on each photo) Feel free to edit them further. Never underestimate the power of the crop tool.  If you want the HUGE version contact me in the about section up top.

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