MomoCon Photoshoot 2013 – Life University

One of the prettiest sites to shoot at and on a very pretty day to boot. The trees were turning colors. The sunlight was winking as it filtered through the leaves. The brook was rocky and beautiful.  The buildings were age worn and historic.

Very glad I took my camera with me. Met some very nice fellow cosplayers and saw some old acquaintances too.


There were some really good shots that came from this shoot. I may edit some of them further and make a special edition post of them.

The usual on photos. If you see yourself, take it. It’s yours to use. Credit would be nice.
All pictures are edited and left in a large state. Feel free to edit them further. Never underestimate the power of the crop tool.  If you want the HUGE version contact me.

If you see one you want taken down just ask.  Click on the about page and you can contact me from there.

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