Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013

I had plans to attend Friday, most of Sat and all of Sunday when suddenly work ruined my plans. But all wasn’t lost, I managed to cosplay all of Friday, take pictures Saturday night, and even see a few friends while I was there. Sunday I was too sick and tired to attend because I had to work later that day anyways.

It was nice seeing the park full of costumers. I saw giant groups of HomeStuck & Attack on Titan mixed in with a lot of variety. Unfortunately I lost my voice by Saturday and could only squeak when I attempted to talk. I am fairly sure when I asked an Eren Jaeger cosplayer for a picture she signed “thanks” with her hands to me after I took it.  *My voice was SO BAD she thought I was deaf*  Looking back, that was rather kind of her.

I spent most of my time chilling with friends, taking photos, and getting street passes on my 3DS. I would have actually attended panels but since I was off and on property so much I didn’t see a darn thing. Next year…


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