JapanFest 2013

Several years ago, my first year of college in fact, we heard of a little festival called JapanFest. Myself, my dormroomate, and Peter all went. We had a great time.19981015_2372There were ladies there that would dress you up.

I meant to go back other years but it was always up against Anime Weekend Atlanta, work, or something else. This year Peter got some free tickets from work and I was determined to get there. The venue has changed from Stone Mountain to the Gwinnett Convention Center.
Whoa was there a lot of people. When I last went there were crowds but not like this. Everyone seemed to be throughly enjoying themselves too. There was so much cheap food, toys, festival games, kimono, and music.

If you want to experience the closest thing Georgia has to a local street festival in Japan I recommend going. I ambled around for a couple hours just looking at everything before I decided on the swag I wanted.

I picked up a few little things which is unlike me. I usually don’t see anything special enough to be a must have.

Wind Chime – you see these a lot in any anime that takes place during summer.  First time I’ve seen one for sale so I got it. It makes a lovely little “ting” sound on the glass when wind blows.

Ema prayer board – if you look at the grounds outside a Shinto temple you will see these boards, dozens of them, written on to ask for things. I bought this one and asked for it to say “good health” for my parents. You can see the nice old man writing it for me up in the photos.

Eren’s Key from Attack on Titan – I have a thing for keys as you may well know. I like the simple but pretty design of it and since I am a fan of the series I picked it up.

Name bracelet – at the same vendor they were offering to have your name or whatever you wanted carved into a leather bracelet.  I spelled my name in Japanese and had them do it. It’s weeby but I like it. Something about leather bracelets just make me feel cooler than I am.


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