Post DragonCon 2013 – the good news

1. The opportunity to stay on site.
We haven’t in around 4 years so it was great that some friends hit us up and asked if we wanted to. Man was it nice to hoof it back to the room for some rest when downtime was needed. I especially needed it after the parade. I made myself sick by wearing eskimo watertribe wear in Atlanta heat.

2. Costumes Costumes Costumes.
I love looking at the things people come up with. DragonCon NEVER fails in that aspect. Just when you thought you have seen the 100th deadpool/disney princess crossover some person turns it on its head and you see Disney Princess Jedi.  Oddly enough saw more than a couple dead ringers for Ron Weasley. Saw a very convincing Skrillex carrying around a stuffed fish so he could “drop the bass”. Sharknado, CindyLou Who, Tommy Wiseau, Cobra Football team, Sherlock in a sheet, My Little Bounty Hunter, Col. Sanders, Adidas Trooper were all there. There were a lot of costumes I just couldn’t get a pic of because it was in a hallway.

3. Friends and new friends too
Met up with friends I hadn’t seen in a few years and a couple that I had meant to meet but didn’t see until now. Met a Max Genius from Robotech and it turns out he knew me because he based his costume off the one I made years ago. Heck I wasn’t even at the con yet and I ran into friends in the ticket line.

4. Street Passes on the 3DS.
So plentiful you didn’t have to plan out anything in FindMii. Walk 50 ft and 10 more passes. Hell, I went to bed at the Sheraton and woke up with 10 passes overnight! I think Nintendo might want to consider having a meeting/con setting where you can get up to 30 passes at once.

286 new street pass tags.
40 of them more than once.
13 new regions.
6 new puzzles completed.

5. Carried my camera most of the time
Usually I am so dressed up that I miss so many photos I wished I had my camera for. This year I had two costumes that allowed me to carry my camera. I got many more photos this year than I have in a while. They will be in a post after this one.

6. The parade was fun.
It was nice not to have to be in place until 9:45. Other years the organizers had us there at ungodly hours just to stand around for 45 minutes. I like the new route too. It seemed longer and accommodated for more people to watch. An old high school friend even spotted me. The group was fun and nice people. I hope we have even more next year.

7. Secret Tunnel
On Friday Brian and I were sitting down the rest and I spotted the hippies from that one episode of Avatar: The last airbender.  As soon as I clapped my hands as I pointed them out they came over and sang to me. I was so giddy I my hands tingled from clapping so hard.

8. Mythbusters
A few months before the con Peter decided we couldn’t miss Adam and Jamie doing their show at the Fox. It was totally fun and we got a bonus because Alton Brown was there too!


Lots of people I know are already planning for next year . So am I.

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