Post DragonCon 2013 – bad news first (sorta)

Now that I have recovered a little let me just say that DragonCon is always a great party. I always have a good time. Some years are better than others though. This year was an ok year. Now, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. An ok DCon is like the best time ever anywhere else.

I know where I went wrong too.

1. no smartphone.
This con is massive and trying to find people in it is damn near impossible without tweets and facebook. Mine had died and I left it at home. Getting a new one asap. I missed no less than 10 people I hoped to see. I also missed having the D*con app. Much easier to use than to try and read the guidebooks.

2. left my “signature” costumes at home.
People asked me where my Zoe,  Kya, Liz 10 were. They had little interest in anything new I had made. When they did they didn’t take pictures like in other years. I even got called by previous character names while in a totally different costume.

3.Trying to be part of a local group
A lot of times it doesn’t work. It’s not anyone’s particular fault but people exclude kinda automatically cause it’s just easier by default.  I’ve learned I con better alone rather than be left out.

4.Downplaying my accomplishments.
When will I stop doing this? You’d think I’d have learned by now. I was meeting another accomplished seamstress and she said “Oh wow you’ve been around, you must know so much.” and I said, “Oh no I wouldn’t say that.”  About 2 seconds later she ignored me for the girl she already knew.


It was too crowded at some points though. When there were lines just to walk into the hotels it was too much. I retired to my room for a little until that craziness died down. I think we may need an attendance cap at like 35,000 -40,000
It stops being fun when you can’t get to where you want to go.
I missed seeing the dealer’s room but I hear that was a terrible clusterfuck of people anyways. Missed the art show as well cause I would only remember I wanted to see it well after closing.


That concludes the bummer talk of D*con. Next post is all good things.


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