Butt Splinter

Today I have an embarrassing tale of cleaning and repair.

I was fixing one of the lazy boy chairs and since I had to move it anyways I vacuumed under it. As I was putting the chair back my pajama-ed butt touched the wood railing to the stairs. It was then that a nice big splinter of wood decided that “Wee, lets lodge ourselves in some flesh”

It hurt but I only thought I had scratched myself pretty good. When I went to the bathroom to check the damage I saw this lodged in a butt cheek.100_4929

Only a little bit poked out enough for me to try and get it out.  It wouldn’t budge for 5 minutes and I was about to call Peter in to help but finally it came out and left a nice red welt I medicated and covered with a band-aid.  Ow man. Just Ow.  It’s been a couple days and it’s all healed now. Can’t even see a mark 😀

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