My Hoodie

I have a big ol black hoodie.

Wait let me back up. When I was a little girl I lived in Los Angeles. My mother, ever afraid of her little girls being targeted by rival gangs, tacitly prohibited any red or blue bookbags and clothing. Being a little girl I followed my mom’s actions and only occasionally mooned over a purplely-blue bag I could not have.  Had I been older I would have realized how unfair it was that some asshats shooting at colors might target me and therefore dictated my entire wardrobe for about 11 years.

Isn’t that messed up?
Now back to that hoodie…

My dad, in my first year of college gave me an awesome black hoodie embroidered with my name which was huge even on me. I wore it in the winter when I could stack clothing under it and even pull the sleeves over my hands instead of wearing gloves.
About a year into having it I realized it served another purpose, it was so baggy it concealed any girly aspects about me, it hid my chest and hips. I’m already tall so when I put this thing on I looked like a guy.  When I had to cross my campus at night (if I was at a friend’s dorm or had a late class) I would take this hoodie with me in daylight hours so I could don it later after dark. I would fold up the sleeves and hem to hide the color should anyone think turquoise was girly.


I figured that anyone looking for easy prey would look past me. I looked big, bulky, and like too much trouble to bother. Not saying that was a direct result of result of the hoodie, but I was never accosted in 4 years. It probably didn’t hurt.

Now, NOW after all this justice I would second guess my choice of winter/safety wear. Maybe now it would make me look like a threat and some dude would get away with it cause I looked like I was up to something.

Isn’t that messed up?

Welcome to my world.


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