Hair: 1 yr and 6 mos

I’ve graduated from having to keep my hair in two side twist to keep the natural and relaxed hair from looking a mess together.  I don’t even have to do a sock bun anymore for work. It’s pretty much all grown out and there are scant few straight pieces left. Quite a milestone to know it takes my hair a year and a half to replace shoulder skimming hair.

These last few weeks I have taken to brushing it back and encouraging the riot of curls into a big puff. This morning I wanted to see what would happen if I wet it down and rolled it in smooth rollers for a few hours to dry. Turns out I get smooth hair again!
At first I didn’t know what to do with it, but after a little comb through and some bobby pins I got it to do this:


It’s got a cute little 1950’s short bang look to it.


I thought I would take a quick pic because we all know that once you get your hair to do something it’s hard to make it do it again.

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