Seishun Con 2013 Wrap Up

I hit up Seishun Con for two days. Saturday I was there for a couple hours due to work and Sunday I hung out for 3-4 hours dressed as Chell from Portal.

Saturday, just as I was getting bored thankfully I ran into Stefanie and Adam in their Beserk costumes they had just finished.  We went outside into the lovely golf area to grab some photos.  Posting them tomorrow.
As I left I ran into Tiffany Grant. I hadn’t seen her at a con since 1999. It was odd to see my con experiences come full circle like that.

From the Gabi archives: This is AWA 5. That is Peter Fernandez with her, the voice of Speed Racer.

Did you know she also used to cosplay the characters she voiced? I know I saw her in an Asuka plug suit and here she is as Chocolate from Bakuretsu Hunters (Sorcerer Hunters)


Sunday was a decent costume day. I saw a few nicely done things. I also finally took a look in the garden area. I was surprised there weren’t any people in there. I hope someone took advantage of it, if not it would be a terrible waste of beautiful photo ready space.

Here we go with pictures.

As always, if you’re in the picture please take it, it’s yours. Credit back would be nice.

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