Homemade Potato Chip

In effort to eat a little better I’ve been trying out things from scratch the last month or so. Today I happened to have a potato left over and decided to try making potato chips.

The premise is pretty simple. Slice potato, soak it to remove some starch, fry, then salt. I have a mandolin from my parents. It’s actually the same one they had when I was a kid. Dad bought it for some reason and used it like five times. Indecently I was slicing a cucumber on it when I was 11 and got my thumb really bad. It healed up nice though, no scar…..ok enough TMI. Back to potato.

Man can that mandolin slice thin!

Cooking proved to be easy but somehow tricky. All you have to do is drop them in the oil. But here’s the tricky bit, to get them to cook all the way to the center you have to wait for them to brown up. When they brown up they taste burnt.

The second batch is lighter and tasted less burnt but they were kinda floppy in the middle.

There are people who prefer the burnt taste of the brown ones in commercially available chips but I am not one of them. So I won’t be trying this again.

On the bright side that mandolin is totally how I am going to make au gratin next time.


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