Callanwolde House

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of getting to go to work at Callanwolde House. This was a nice opportunity because I do have a passing fancy for old houses. I am a fan of Downton Abbey and Victorian Romance Emma which only fan the flames of my affinity for old things.

When I drove up I noticed the house was done in a Tudor style which seemed very showy. I wondered who the owners were. It wasn’t until the lull in activity that I could grab a programme to read up on the place. The house was built from 1917-1920 for a Charles Howard Candler. His father is the man who bought the Coca-Cola recipe from the original pharmacist and then founded the Coca-Cola company. OHHHH, so that’s why this place was so posh. It was “new money.”

I could only wander around a little but what I saw was beautiful and historical. I thrilled at the click of my heels on the wooden floors. So many people had tread on it before me. The owners, servants, party-goers, children, all off them touched this place.  The old bathrooms were intact upstairs. They were so odd looking too. There were tiny bathtub like basins that I couldn’t figure out the use for.

Anyways, I bring all this up because I will be there again this weekend for work and it reminded me I never posted pictures of my first visit. Forgive my old phone camera.









My quick photos do no justice to the house so here are a few from the internet.




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