Clevage Clouds – Mammatus

Thursday we had some serious weather slam down Atlanta. I was wrapping up work and as I climbed into the car to leave my phone reads “Tornado Warning in your area”  Well how cool is that, the warning, not the tornado. I know enough that a warning is something you want to heed. It’s worse than a watch. A ‘watch’ is a storm looks like trouble. A ‘warning’ means there is trouble.  This storm had rotation so the radio said stay inside.  I left the car and went back into the building.

Afternote: turns out there WAS a tornado in the county. It was an EF 1 and had winds up to 105 MPH.

The clouds were blotting out the sunset in the north and sure enough 10 mins later some serious rain and crazy wind blew through in about 15 mins. The sky was all RAWR and seriously pissed off.  Eventually everything cleared and only a drizzle was there so I continued on.
This was right after. You can see how dark the sky got in comparison to how it was clear beforehand.

But then as I got to the office and looked up I saw something really odd! Clouds shaped like udders or boobs. I had read about these not too long ago but didn’t think I would ever see any. They are Mammatus clouds. They precede or succeed a severe storm.
IMG_5284IMG_5279IMG_5280 IMG_5282

A little video.

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