Vintage-y Blouse

You know you have too much fabric when you start forgetting where you acquired it.  I have three little mountains of fabric. Some from my pursuits, some from my mom, some from friends.  I’m a firm believer that cosplayers have far too many skills to just be making things they wear a couple days out of the year so I try and make things for my real life too.
This is something you’ll hear me say over and over again 🙂

I got this pattern like what…2-3 years ago. I liked all versions on the package because D looked ladylike and lacey, A looked fun, B looked nice, and D looked like I could use it on some period costuming.

I think this fabric is from my neighbor. I wish I had taken some pics earlier in construction but this was just a side thing that I only worked on when I felt like it and only did a couple things to it whenever I did happen to work on it.

This is an mix of A and D. Made the sleeves a smidge bigger cause I dislike pinching, made the hemline longer cause I’m taller than the average this is patterned for

100_4445 100_4448
About 80% done.  Now to find buttons in my stash because I want to use up what I have on projects like this, not buy more. The buttons from Tiny Things were up for contention but there wasn’t enough of the same button. The pattern called for 7 and I only had 4. So I dug around and found a little package of black dome buttons that looked like something out of the 40’s. I hate the gaping that happens on women’s blouses because of boobs don’t you? So I saddled this shirt up with 9 buttons instead of 7.
I also need to hand it to my sewing machine, it handles buttonholes like a DREAM. I set out my places for them and it was all “OK, stand back, I got this….”

The finished shirt….


and opened. My corset happened to be on the dress form.


The obligatory fancy pic.


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