Making Soap

I love rose scented soap. I’ve always been a little old fashioned in that respect. I love the soft pinkness of it. I like the way this scent used to be the *IT* thing for Victorian ladies. I used to be able to reliably find some at every Ross or TJ Maxx in their toiletry section for $10 or $15 Not so anymore. I haven’t seen it for a few years now.

For my birthday I treated myself to finding some rose soap AND rose powder. Can you believe the only place I found some was to import it from London? So I did and I had to wait 20 days for it to arrive. I got and and of course loved it but why couldn’t I find some nearer to me? It must have gone very much out of style.

A while back my mom saw me ogling some rose scent used in soap. She got it for me and I was using it as a perfume. I got some powder scent that I used the same way. I thought it was about time they were used the way they were intended.

The store has some simple soap kits I thought I would try first. I’d like to try making some from scratch with lye and oils but lye can be dangerous so I thought I’d keep it simple this time.

Measure out half
100_4393 100_4394Melty-looks like milk
The usual suspects line up. I use these in the hair oil I make. Also blue food coloring and powder scent in front.
Messy but melted and poured. Now to wait 1 hour.
YAY. Soaps!
I’ve tried them out and I am glad I practiced first. I’m oily and it takes them a bit to get soapy on me, but the scent is satisfactory. Next time I will add a little more and see what that does. The bars not in use currently stay in my lingerie drawer to lend their scent there.

Now for the obligatory fancy ass picture.
100_4434 copy

Next time I try the rose.


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