Thin Mint Actual

I had another post about homemade soap I was going to put up today but it is shoved out of the way for this monumental find.

You may have seen my post about some tasty lemon cookies I got from Dessert For Two.
At the same time I saw her recipe for Thin Mints. She used RITZ CRACKERS! I mean wtf, that is NOT a cookie substance, how could that even work?  Next time I was at the store though I picked up some Ritz, chocolate chips, and some mint extract (I use it in my tea anyways). I had to see if the comments I saw were truthful. They said they tasted spot on.

Today I see that they were completely TRUE.

I was just trying this out so I didn’t take any pictures but when Peter found out what I was doing he swooped in with his phone. Glad he did.

20130531_8161Mix chocolate with shortening in a double boiler or a bowl over hot water until smooth. I hear coconut oil will also work if you are adverse to shortening.

20130531_7962After it’s smooth (like 3 minutes) add in this.

20130531_8160Crackers are ready.

20130531_8162 Drop in cracker.

20130531_8156Turn over cracker with fork.

20130531_8154Use two forks to take it out and put on wax paper/freezer paper/greased foil/silicon pad

Popped them in the freezer for 10 mins and had a taste. I was like WTF, this doesn’t even taste like a cracker, this is a cookie. I gave one to Peter and he quickly said, “Yup this is legit.”


Thin Mint recipe – click here for amounts


  • If your chocolate isn’t smooth add another teaspoon of shortening, it will smooth things out.
  • Taste the chocolate mix for minty-ness. Add more if you don’t think it’s enough. A little goes a long way.
  • These go great with milk or tea.
  • Give these away to Thin Mint lovers, they will thank you many times over.
  • No the salt on the crackers doesn’t make them salty. You can’t taste it. I think most of it melts with the chocolate and provides a nice flavor.

Go forth and make these!

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5 Responses to Thin Mint Actual

  1. I’m so glad you liked them! Isn’t it crazy how much they taste like the real thing?!

    • Gabi says:

      Thank you so much for letting us in on the awesome that is this recipe by posting it. I still cannot believe how much it taste like them. It is uncanny. My husband was totally sold on the taste too. I just love your site and thank you for visiting mine to comment.

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