Cherry Blossom Picnic 2013

In early April the cherry blossoms made their debut here. I thought it would be fun to invite cosplayer friends to the park for pictures and eats.  We had a fun time and I got to test out the camera Peter got for work last year.

Stef and Adam showed up first in a cute cat maid outfit and a Stitch kigurumi jumper. I wore my yellow kimono I made a few years ago. Let me tell you, driving a car in a kimono is challenging. After wandering around we attracted the attention of the local police. They came over with a friendly query. By friendly I mean one of the dudes said on his loud speaker “Should I ask?☺” and the other dude asked for a picture. I can’t blame them, crime is pretty scarce here so at least something interesting happened to them. We explained by asking if they knew about DragonCon. They knew what it was and then we stated that we were those people. That got a laugh and they got it and went on their way.

A little later Betsy called and it turns out she was at the wrong park. They made it over a few minutes later and by coincidence they had worn cute bunny maid outfits. More picture time and then we sat down to a lunch I made the night before: turkey on croissants, deviled eggs, chips, and Biscoff cookies. I took a few more pics and we said our goodbyes.

All in all a fun little shoot. ♥


*To those in the pictures feel free to take them, they are yours. Just remember to say who took them if you post them anywhere.

*The images have all been edited and left quite big but if for some reason you need one of the pictures in its huge format let me know.

*If you don’t want a particular photo in the gallery let me know.

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