Real Hair Texture

I learned a while back that natural black hair is described as kinky curly sometimes. Kinky when dry and curly when wet.

I am trying to get a grip on what my hair likes so I am trying to keep it moisturized and happy. I tried out Naptura’s mayo hair mask a couple weeks ago. I don’t think it did much for me. Either my hair isn’t prone to being super dry or the mask needs to be done a few times to see a real difference.

Did get a nice shot of my actual hair texture though. 20130416_7721

Look at all that curly curl curl.  Wish it did stayed that way when it’s dry.
I think soon once I cut off the 2 inches of straight on my right front that is still there for some reason (the rest of my hair seems to be down to less than an inch of straight)  I will try some of the new products like Miss Jessie and KinkyCurly. Then I can keep this look when it’s dry.  If I tried it now the straight stuff would look like a clumpy oil slick.

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