Lemon Cookie for Mom

If you are on my twitter feed you know that I made some cookies the other day.

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Sometimes when you are looking up recipes you get lucky and everything you need is already in the kitchen. Admittedly this is why I don’t cook as much as I would like to because recipes often call for things I have to go get and would only use in that one recipe that I don’t even know if I will like yet.

I happened to be looking at RunnyRunny’s feed and he was holding a contest with another youtuber. On their feed was a recipe for small batches of lemon meltaway cookies that happened to be from this site – Dessert for Two   This recipe is so simple and really refreshing. The texture is dainty and the flavor is a smart lemony zest that isn’t too much.

I made a batch for my mom and dad. I owe my parents in ways that I don’t even understand so it’s nice to do something unexpected for them. So I got a cute box to present them in. I think I have been watching too many cooking shows because they use the cutest packaging to give little food gifts in.  I also found out Megan would be visiting Trey so I saved some for her so she could get her wish fulfilled from her twitter reply of “want”.  She also did Peter’s taxes so she more then deserved them too.


I recommend the Dessert for Two site. It’s perfect for when it’s just you and a husband or roommate/friend/boyfriend/parent eating that day.  I’m not pleased when I make so much that we can’t finish it so this is a great site to fix that.

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