Elven Circle Pillow

Remember this fabric? It’s from the Ohco’s sale this year.
100_3419 copy

Something about the circles says Tolkien elf. I think it’s because the circles look like the heraldry used by elves in early middle earth lore.  They are circles so this design would be for a female. The “points” in the design number eight so it would be a high ranking female equal to Melian, Elwe, and any son of Finwe. Ok ok, I’m going a little too Silmarillion so I digress.

Since there was only a yard of it I thought it would make pretty circle pillows. Got out some twine and made a rudimentary compass to draw a measured circle around two of these 10″ designs.  Sewed them and stuffed them. After I was done I thought I should give them to my mom. They would match her couches.


If I ever get my etsy started I want to put one of these in there.

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