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Those of you that know me know that I don’t have a birthday. I have a birth month. My reasoning behind this is that the day you made it into this world is special to be sure but think about it…your entire first month of life was pretty damn special. When you parents brought you home they were no doubt amazed with you and your first tiny breaths but on the 4th or 5th day of your life were you old news as common as what they had for lunch yesterday? No! You were still amazing and exciting. Hense the birthmonth! I celebrate the remembrance of your first bottles, first smiles, first view of sunlight and all that.

That said this was a nice birthday. Peter got started on it early and made me this! A new site avatar. At some point it will be a patch too. The rest of my emoticons can be seen hereGab-Patch-01

This birthday I decided it was about time I try a macaron. I had heard about them from others and had to hunt up a nice bakery to find some. I tried Alon’s which is an artisan bakery in Atlanta.
Chocolate, Vanilla Almond, Blueberry, Tangerine, Hazelnut, Berry, Lemon, Coffee.

100_4131100_4126They are quite pretty aren’t they. They look better than they taste but they were still nice. The vanilla almond one was really good though.

100_4145This is Shrophshire Blue Cheese I picked up. It’s a cousin of Stilton cheese I am told. That nice yellow color makes it look a bit like cheddar. It does taste similar to the usual blue cheese but it does have a bit of a sharp cheddar note in it and a great aftertaste. If I don’t devour it all I will have to use Chef John’s recipe for home made blue cheese dressing. I bet it would taste amazing on a salad.

100_4142These are some gelee fruit squares. I mostly got them for the rose flavor in there. Though I can’t tell which is the rose one. But the mango one is fantastic.

After our little adventure we got a really tasty steak dinner. An accomplished birthday indeed.  Later this week I think I will hunt up some rose scented soap since it is my favorite. Also need to thank all the birthday well wisher on facebook too!

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