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Some months ago I happened upon a internet gem, tiny toy Japanese food! We here in the states have the Easy Bake oven. You can only make desserts like small cakes and cookies which are pretty much tiny versions of what your parents make. But what about hamburgers, sushi, curry, pudding, pizza?  Leave it to the japanese to figure out how to dry out soy/potato/sugar/whatever it is and make it so all you have to do is add a little water and stir to end up with things that taste convincingly like things they have no business being.

Oddly enough listening to the cellophane and plastic crinkle in the otherwise quiet video is oddly calming. I thought I was the only one but I’ve seen people comment the same thing on the vids. See if it happens to you.

Lets start with what you expect: little pastries.

But then there are things like RAMEN and gyoza.

Then wtf, Sushi? Candy sushi?

Lastly, an American concoction. The ubiquitous hamburger.


There are other fun goods on the channel, some edible some not. There are DIY erasers, candles, and Rement tiny plastic food sets.  There is even the Japanese version of an easy bake oven which is a toy frying pan that looks much more dangerous for children and therefore looks way more fun.

Take a look at the rest of the channel here: RRCherrypie

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