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When we moved here I found four squares of cork board. I set them aside because I’ve always wanted a board for pinning up things ever since I was a teen. Now instead of pinning up pictures and awards I would pin up projects. I’m terribly forgetful. I will forget whole projects for months at a time.  I had started making list to help me remember but I was taping them to my sewing room door & that just looked tacky.

A couple days ago I took those cork squares out and started figuring out how I was going to work with them. I also wanted to only use things I already had. We’re crafty costumers/set makers here, there should be enough glue, thread, and fabric around to tackle small projects.

Peter sawed a couple yardsticks in half, I cut cardboard, fired up the gluegun, and grabbed some canvas cloth I meant to turn into eco-grocery bags five years ago.


Made it up as I went along.

A little cardboard and fabric backing later…

I would have been pretty much done but of course I can never leave well enough alone and since my sewing machine rocks so hard…custom header and birdies.

Whole thing:

Already in use.100_3483

Very happy to get this off of my “Why haven’t I done this yet” list.

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