Fabric Haul – Spring 2013 Ohco

I got 5 different fabrics from the sale on Monday at Ohco’s.

Here they are and their yardages.

This deep gold duchess satin is one I would have gotten more of if I saw it. There is 2 yards. 58″ wide.  It also has a nice deep sheen to it. It is going to look nice next to my skin. I hope to use it for a Han Dynasty costume I have had on the back burner for years. If I can’t use it for that I’ll make a fancy dress shirt I can wear for work.
100_3408 copyThis blue suede cloth is the only thing I got that I specifically had a use for. There is 4 yards. 60″ wide.  It’s a really deep blue that thankfully shies away from being black. It will be older Katara’s skirt.
100_3415This sunburst pattern really caught my eye. It was probably the first thing I put in my bag. Had there been more I would have gotten it. There is a yard here and 60″ wide. It’s probably going to be pillows centered on those big elegant 10″wide sunbursts.
100_3419 copyThen there is this very lovely pink duchess satin. There are 10.3 yards of it. 60″ wide
I have no idea what it should be but it screams sumptuous satin ball gown circa 1905 or earlier. It has this beautiful rich sheen to it that I know would be accentuated by gathers or ruffles. Light plays off it fantastically.
100_3424It can be hard to capture the color. This is an indoor picture.
100_3402This standard sheer is something I think I will use on that Han Dynasty costume or a Nefertiti costume. There is 4 yards, 120″ wide. I got it because finding bulk sheer was on my list of things to look for.  I tested a piece to see how my gathering foot would handle it and I am pleased.

So 25.3 yards for $25 bucks. That is a sweet deal.♥

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